Nicole Behanna

F#@K CRUSHES - Get ready for Women who inspire us Wednesday 🌟

Today's spotlight is on artist, model, and creator of Revenant Wares, the wonderful Nicole Behanna! 🖤

Originally named Morbid Delusion Designs, Revenant Wares is a more broad extension of where she started repurposing old tee shirts into new wares. With a love of vintage style and horror movies, a degree in special effects and vast experience working for small businesses in the sustainable realm, her aesthetic blends the dark with retro and nostalgic elements. This is where the description of her aesthetic Retro Spook was born.

Revenant Wares is a made to order brand. She uses reclaimed materials, fabrics and fabric scraps in order to create or bring back, otherwise unused or trashed items, back from the dead and into wearable art! This means each piece will be unique and the styles will be available while supplies last.

Her wares are meant to add a little flair to your existing garments and perhaps show the beauty in once forgotten objects.

If there’s one thing to remember about Morbid Delusion Designs / Revenant Wares, it’s that they’ll knock more than just your socks off!

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