Maleena Dominick

F#@K CRUSHES - Get ready for Women who inspire us Wednesday 🌟

Today's spotlight is on a woman who has been bringing music into the world since day one, Maleena Dominick! 🖤

My name is Maleena Dominick and I am an artist, musician and a passionate creator. I play bass and sing in the band Chip & The Charge Ups. I also write my own music, sing, and play guitar and bass for my solo project. 

I have been making music since the moment I was born. My dad was always a big influence on me, always encouraging me to learn to make music. When I was 16, I started getting very serious about making music. I joined a band with my dad, Chip and the Charge Ups

I also decided that I wanted to put out an album of my own music. I started a project where once a week for 2 years I worked on writing a new song. I ended up writing almost 30 songs in 2 years time, and recorded and released 6 of them on my debut EP, Bruises to Prove It. This album is available at

I went to college for 3 semesters but ended up dropping out. After dropping out, I was filled with inspiration to write music again after a year and a half of writer’s block. I wrote and recorded an EP entirely by myself and released it. The EP is called Diary of a Music School Dropout.

I have also released 2 EPs, a full length album and a handful of singles with Chip & The Charge Ups. We are also currently working on another EP to be released this year. Our music can be found at!

To see more of her work, check out the following links:


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