Jessica DiBattista

F#@K CRUSHES - Get ready for Women who inspire us Wednesday 🌟

Today our spotlight is on an artist in every sense of the word, Jessica DiBattista! 🖤

Jessica DiBattista is the founder & creator of the alternatively elegant jewelry company, Ritual Chains. The name is derived from a term in micro sociology referencing the small yet specific rituals we engage in daily to form and maintain relationships. An example would be to compliment a piece of clothing or jewelry, ask a question, or otherwise engage another person by relating to something personal about them. 

Founded in the spring of 2022 under the light of a magical flower blood moon, Ritual Chains aims to compliment as well as captivate. Chains are loaded with symbolism and add a hint of timeless beauty to any ensemble. Much like the wearer, pieces are designed to stand alone or build in interest and complexity by adding layers for a more dramatic effect depending on your mood. No two pieces are identical as they are each handmade by Jessica alone. Looking forward, she hopes to incorporate chain mail and other unique elements into her designs. Currently, all chain used is made of craft grade nickel free aluminum alloy. 

Whenever Jessica is not making Jewelry, she splits her time between working professionally as a tattoo artist at Black Cat Tattoo, playing bass guitar for God Hates Unicorns, and chasing her twin toddlers.

To see more of her work, check out the following links:


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