Jennifer Ramsey

F#@K CRUSHES - Get ready for Women who inspire us Wednesday 🌟

Today's spotlight is on an artist in every sense of the word, Jennifer Ramsey! 🖤

“Hi! I’m an artist, muralist, visual storyteller, writer, and creative placemaker with a long background in community development and the arts. I was raised second generation expat in Bolivia, South America, and have lived all over the US but now call the Pittsburgh area home again (after graduating high school here more years ago than I care to admit).

My favorite observation that was ever made about me was, ‘You’re the type of woman who would have traveled alone to Morocco in the 1920s.’

I’ve worked in a lot of different industries, doing everything from directing a rural library – where I started a food bank amongst the books – to working in the Carpenters Union in West Virginia. There was also the Harvard work-study reading Spanish-language proletariat literature. And the concierge position on a tourist train in the National Forest. And the gig where I was paid to secretly start the dancing for deejayed sets. And… and so much more… it’s been a weird and wild life! I don’t plan to slow down, ever.

I love uniting people around social causes, nonprofit development and philanthropy, dancing, art, art, and more art, cooking international food, travel, literature, mushroom foraging, and outdoor adventuring. You are welcome to follow my art on or my art and adventures at

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