Christalee Lema

F#@K CRUSHES - Get ready for Women who inspire us Wednesday 🌟

Today's spotlight is on a "ghoul" with a passion for screams and caffeine - Christalee Lema! 🖤

How did I end up with a weird, spooky coffee brand? After being forced to pivot during covid – I ended up with what became my most fun business to build yet. I combined two of my favorite things – coffee and monsters. 

Why monsters? I have a background in special effects makeup – I attended the Tom Savini School and graduated in 2013 where I immediately started working in the tv and film industry as an artist and continue to do so still! I had a retirement plan of opening a coffee shop, but when covid hit and tv/film/makeup went away, I decided to reroute and took the down time I now had (and terrifyingly all my savings) to form Eeeek! in hopes it would go well and keep me afloat during the pandemic. I was in utter shock and excitement when my first 120 bags of coffee sold out in ten days after publicly launching the business. 

My mission with eeeek! is to give creative fuel to the weirdos, the misfits, and the odd ball out – just like me when they sit down with their cup of eeeek! to work on their next creative project. 

I am always thrilled and completely humbled when people try it out!

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